Real Techniques Make Up Brushes

So, for Christmas my beautiful sister bought me the Bold Metal Make Up Brush Set from RealTechniques. I am yet to use them because quite frankly, they look too beautiful to use! But before I used them, I wanted to write a little something about them and my own make up techniques first.

These brushes are feathery soft and consist of 3 different categories – Base (gold), Eyes (silver) and Finish (bronze).

For my base, personally I love using the colour number 2 foundation from Collection and then my setting powder is also from Collection. I use the lightest shade of setting powder as I don’t like my liquid foundation looking darker than necessary and also I find that the lighter the shade, the easier it is to correct; as a light and soft coverage can always be carefully added to or swept off with a thicker, slightly rougher application brush if you see that you haven’t quite finished applying the liquid properly or there’s a thick line of it which needs to be blended more. In regards to using the Bold Metal brushes for your liquid and powder – each of the brushes have numbers. For liquid, you want to use number 101, as its contoured edge is perfect for going around the eyes and the nose. For the setting powder you want number 100 which is designed to sweep lightly across the face to create a soft and flawless coverage.

I know there are few different ways to apply make up but after my base, I like to ‘finish’ before I get set on my eyes. So I’ll use my highlighter after my setting powder. For this, I have fallen in love with a £3 highlighter from Boohoo. It is mega soft and has the most beautiful glisten on it. I’ll apply this with the number 300 for an even, feathery glow. I like to apply highlighter before bronzer because then I can use an applicator to blend the 2 nicely across my cheekbone. For my bronzer, again I use one from Collection. For this, I’ll use the brush 301 as this is for contouring and emphasising certain features on the face.

So for my eyes,  I have a tonne of palettes! I have recently bought a set of 4 mini palettes from Boohoo and 1 big smokey eye one. I also have a Barry M smoke and blush palette, a grayscale smokey eye palette from Collection and a previous one from Boohoo which is a brown smokey eye. My eyes are my favourite thing to do so I always make sure I am stocked up on different colours. Some palettes I find have 2 or 3 shades the same as I have in another palette but that isn’t a bad thing. One runs out, I have the other! The numbers on the silver brushes are 200, 202, 203. 2oo is for a close application of eye liner to the lash to create a shadowy finish across the lash line. 202 is again for an application of eye liner but where this brush is a lot more slanted and has more of a shaped cut to the bristles, it allows for a closer more detailed application to the lash line if you didn’t want as big of a coverage as what 200 provides. 203 is for your blending; creating a seamless finish to the colour palette you’ve chosen for your eyes.


Here, despite only showing half of my face, I do have a full face of make up on. The side angle was purely to show my eye make up but also my highlighter and bronzer can be seen here too.

So I’ve shared my techniques with you and where I get my liquid and powder make up from but not anything else. My eyeliner pencil is from Boohoo, mascara from Primark and lipstick varies from either No7, Collection, Revlon and Rimmel London.

I would definitely recommend the brush set that I have! The weight of the brushes is amazing and as I said earlier, they are so silky soft. I haven’t, as of yet, got any brush shampoo/gel but the girls at RealTechniques have bought out earlier this year a cleansing gel and palette. I may have to invest!

Nic at RealTechniques emphasises that there is no right or wrong frequency to cleanse your brushes. Once a week for someone who wears foundation every day or once a month for someone who doesn’t wear it as often! Simples!

All my love,

M x


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