A Few Little Bits & Pieces

So it’s been ages since my blog about my make up brushes! I did write 2 after that one but didn’t like either of them so I deleted them.

My blog about my make up brushes did really well with some of you so I thought I’d do another one based on beauty and the different things I use.

So the picture featured on here is one I took when I got home after a little shopping spree! I will write about each product individually but I managed to find some gorgeous eyeshadow that I had seen on Amazon, in a store in town called Superdrug. Whilst in there, I got a highlighter pallette and some bronzer as well. Going into my favourite store, Boots, I got a new No7 lipstick – my favourite shade of Berry Shine. Then whilst in Primark I got my new favourite mascara and some matte coloured false nails.

So my eyeshadow! It’s from Make Up Revolution. I’d originally seen a gorgeous pallette on Amazon whilst searching for different eyeshadows and it was £11 excluding delivery and I wouldn’t have got it until a week or so later. So going into Superdrug to look for something similar, I noticed that they actually did a concession of Revolution. I picked up the Iconic 2 pallette for £4 and the glitter effect on the colours is gorgeous! I’m a girl who loves her eyeshadow to really pop and sparkle, so using this has been exactly what I’ve needed. I then got a highlighter pallette from Sleek which has 4 different shades in it. 2 are creams and 2 are powders. The bronzer that I got is from a brand called MUA which has been really popular with celebrities on Instagram recently. All of these together cost £17.

The lipstick I got from No7 is so good for moisturising the lips. Some lipsticks that I have got in the past have left my lips really dry. I have a gorgeous one from Collection that I hardly use because it dries my lips right out. The lipsticks that I love from No7 are £9.95 each.

From Primark, I got the mascara that I now love and also some really lovely false nails. The colour of them are a dark matted purple. All of these came to £4.

The point of this other beauty related blog is to just get it out there that you don’t need to spend loads on cosmetics to look beautiful. Picking a load of things up, like I’ve always done, for less than £20 and they actually do exactly the same thing as what 1 single product for £20 does is the best thing ever! Sure I love going into Mac and looking at all the gorgeous bits in there but for me, nothing beats finding a brand that is cheap and cheerful and does exactly the same thing as an expensive product.

All my love,

M x


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