My Little Triumph!

Hello my lovelies. Again, I apologise for the delay in posting but things have been so manic!

I just wanted to share with you all, something that I’ve been trying to achieve for ages now! I passed my car theory test today! Very very happy. Especially seeing as it is 2 days before my birthday.

For a while I was starting to brainwash myself into thinking I wasn’t going to ever be able to pass (today was my 5th attempt) and ever get driving but the aim of this blog post is to encourage you all to keep trying for something that you really want.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the last few times I tried my theory test, my failure was due to the fact that I didn’t want it hard enough. That and a mixture of not revising for long enough as well, I must admit. But nothing will get achieved if you don’t ache for success and triumph.

Today, walking into the test centre and before I even left the house I felt confident. A feeling I never had with my the previous times. The test was full of the questions that were in the mock test I’d taken half an hour before hand, sat quietly in my favourite coffee shop with a bottle of water. I finished the test knowing I’d done well and I passed by 3 marks more than the minimum pass rate.

As I said – nothing will ever be achieved in life if you don’t work for it and ache for it. Something I have always wanted to do has been being able to drive and now I am one step closer to being able to do so. It is the case of being dedicated and completely driven by the end goal.

Other things that I am determined to do are to complete the whole driving process – doing my lessons and my practical, getting a job within healthcare and in doing that saving up and moving out. All these will take time, I know but it’s the principle of having them all planned out that means I am closer to achieving them.

I encourage you all to know that it only takes some determination and effort to turn a dream into a reality. Nothing needs to be hard work if you don’t make it hard work.

Feeling very positive this evening. I have a spa day with my sister tomorrow that I bought for her Christmas present – have booked it for tomorrow as it is also a nice birthday treat for me too! Then Saturday will be a birthday shopping spree and out for drinks in the evening.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. All my love, always

M x


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