Better Late Than Never. I Think.

My God, it’s been ages since my last proper blog!! I am sorry to all who enjoy reading my posts!

I’ve been a busy bee! Passed my theory, got a new rabbit called Dash, he’s perfect I love him more than I think I would my own child. Just saying.

It’s quite an old video of hers but I’ve recently watched Zoella’s video on YouTube about her drugstore haul and Primark haul. They were so interesting! I’ve decided I want to do another blog really soon about my personal favourite things to buy beauty-wise and also fashion-wise. At the moment, I have one unhealthy obsession with Ted Baker and so I haven’t really been bothering to buy any new clothes recently because nipping into Primark or any other high street shop just doesn’t hit the spot for me at the moment. Although I do have this week off and I’m going to a big shopping precinct on Wednesday (29th) for a good look around so Thursday may be the date that I put up another blog about my favourite beauty and fashion.

Recently, I have also come to the very delayed conclusion that Superdrug (a UK beauty store chain) is slightly better than Boots (another UK beauty store). The reason for me thinking this is because their make-up brand selection is a great deal broader, in terms of the cheap and cheerful brands that I love, than Boots. Boots you’ve got brands like No. 7, Estee Lauder, Clarins, NYX, Smashbox, Benefit etc as well as my favourites like Collection. But with Superdrug, you’ve got my other favourites that aren’t in Boots – Sleek, Revolution and MUA. It’s a true joy walking into Superdrug recently. Knowing full well that I’m only going in there for a browse but I know I’ll come out with a bunch of things that come to under £20. It’s effing brilliant.

In the drugstore haul video that Zoella did, she spoke about the orange real techniques brush set by Sam and Nic. I am still well and truly in love with my bold metals set but really tempted to get the orange set! Let me know what you guys think of them if you have them? Email me

The shopping precinct that I’m going to on Wednesday has a Superdrug and also the brand shops that I’m in love with at the moment – Ted Baker, All Saints, Ann Summers… I’m so excited I can’t even begin to tell you. I’m going with my love interest at the moment and he wants to try on suits… I’m dragging him round Ann Summers and he’s letting me come with him to try suits on. Suits on men for women are like underwear on women for men. So you can imagine how keen we both are!

Anyway, so Thursday evening at the absolute latest – I will have for you guys, another post about the haul I did on Wednesday. I won’t let you guys down anymore. It’s all good.

Where I’ve put that email address above – please feel free to email me about any idea you want me to blog about, any stores you think I should shop in that you think I’d like… just chat to me guys. I’m all yours.

All my love, always

M x


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