As Promised…

Hello, you beauts.

So as promised, here is my fashion and beauty blog that I said I’d do.

Although, before I write about anything, I just want to share some exciting news with you all! I have a job working in a Ted Baker store! A week ago today (23rd March), I was covering a shift over at the outlet store the company I work for have in Ashford. Before starting work, I had a look around the Ted Baker store for possible outfits to wear to a family wedding coming up very soon at the end of May. I started to walk out and then suddenly stopped and figured there’d be no harm in asking whether they had any job openings. So back in I stroll and ask a member of the team and he says that yes they do infact have quite a few. Effing marvellous. I dropped the store an email with my CV (resume) attached to it before I started work and then, what couldn’t have been more than 2 hours later, the same guy came and found me and asked if I’d like to come to an interview after I’d finished my shift. Yes, sir! Roger that. Over and out. So you can imagine how much the day dragged after finding out I was wanted for an interview. Anyway, finishing work, I headed back to Ted Baker. Interview was so good although I kept worrying that I looked like a scruff ball after doing an 8 hour shift at my place. Anyway I came home, spoke to my parents about it and all was fine. I had the weekend with no call, then Monday I rung them and asked what was what and they said that they had 2 interviews that they were doing that day and that later in the afternoon they were going to make their final decisions and get back to all successful people early evening kinda time. Cool. Thought nothing of it.

When I didn’t hear back from them, I was honestly heartbroken. The thought of working somewhere that I know I would love and really embrace was so exciting! Anyway, on the day before I rung Ted Baker asking what the lead up was, my brother-in-law pointed out a job opening in the paper at Slaters Menswear. I applied later on and again, thought nothing of it but after not hearing back from Ted Baker, I figured I’d ring them to ask what their lead up was. They said I could come in for a short interview and again that went really well and actually got offered a trial shift. Cool. Excited, yeah but still kinda deflated about not hearing back from Ted Baker. So I went to this interview at Slaters Menswear on Tuesday (28th March), agreed on the trial shift and again – excited but just not feeling it as much. Came home later that day after my interview at Slaters and just chilled out for the afternoon. The phone rings. ‘Hi Maxine, I’m calling from Ted Baker in Ashford’… Fuck, My heartbeat is going through the roof. Playing it cool, I tell him that I thought my interview with him went really well but you just ‘never know really’. To which he said that that was true but he’d love to offer me a job there. Yes! Roger that. Over and out.

So yeah, I am now employed with Ted Baker!

Yesterday, when I went to the big shopping precinct I was telling yous about, I walked around a bunch of my favourite stores but after the 4 hours I was there – the only 2 things I bagged were a body mist and a bralet from Hollister. That’s it. Disappointed considering my intentions were to go all out and do a big haul to come back and write about it, but on the other hand kinda relieved as well because my poor ¬†bank account wouldn’t have known what hit it otherwise. So just ¬£25 lighter and smelling a little sweeter, I come out feeling kinda confused that I didn’t see much else I liked. Walked round Ann Summers like I said I would and nothing caught my fancy. Strange. But anyway, the body mist I got is gorgeous – smells like watermelon, I think personally anyway. The bralet fits so comfortably! It was from the Gilly Hicks concession that they had in there.

I am still so determined to do a really good beauty and fashion haul. Summer wardrobe needs sorting and a few of my make up products need replenishing. So I will honestly write about everything that I buy, if and when I actually get to a point where I see a bunch of stuff I want instead of just 2!

As mentioned in my blog before this one – you guys can chat to me about any ideas you want me to write about! Even if you’ve seen another blogger writing about them but you just want to see what my take on them would be! Drop me an email, I’m all yours!

All my love, always

M x


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