Inspired to no end…

Hello, you beauts.

This is what I’m talking about!! Regular posts! Inspired, yet again, by Zoella – I felt it necessary to do another blog. In Zoella’s recent blog (03/04/17) about her March favourites, she speaks about all the things she’s loved doing/eating/watching within the month etc. She goes on to talk about her ‘cosy programme’.

This, for me, has hit the nail right on the head for what name I should call my programmes that I love so much. Cosy programmes. I love it! She, or whoever originally thought of the name, is a bloody genius. So. My cosy programmes consist of Reign (a period drama series on Netflix), This Morning (only when Phil and Holly are on it) and I am loving a bit of Supervet at the minute as well. For those who don’t know what each of them are, have a little browse on Google and also if you have Netflix, seriously get into Reign. I had to binge watch my way to catching up to recent episodes which was brilliant. I was getting through a season in just under 4 days each. I’m now caught up and having to wait a week for each episode but it’s all good.

Anyway, there’s an insight into my cosy programmes. As you can see, my feature image on my blog is of my TV and also my make up desk which consists of 3 Ted Baker bags. The little one that you can see peeping up from behind my purse is just a little bag that a set of lotion, spray and lip balm came in to me as a gift. I am now using that as a brush bag. The big one next to that little one is my generic make up bag and then of course at the front is my tote bag and purse. Behind my make up bag, though, is just a little beauty bag from Primark that literally has all my eyeshadow products in. All of them. My eyeshadow collection is insane to the extent where I have actually given a bunch that I never used to my mum. She was delighted, as you can imagine. I am still so determined to do another nice follow-up blog from my one called ‘A Few Bits And Pieces’. I will do that. When… I couldn’t tell you that. But I will.

So I start at Ted Baker, officially, on the 15th April. I say officially because there is a point next week where I’m popping in to do a little intro shift. Meeting the staff, signing paperwork with payroll etc. All very exciting stuff. I didn’t mention in my blog before this one that when I was in the big shopping precinct that I was telling you I visited, I managed to see the guy that I originally spoke to about the whole job thing. Spoke to him and told him how grateful I was that he took the time to talk to his boss about me and just basically had a lovely chat. All lovely.

I have a wedding that I need to go to in May and I can just visualise myself buying my outfit from work. I just know it. There’s currently 14 things sitting in my shopping cart on Boohoo… some are potential wedding outfits and some are just items that I really love but I just know my outfit is going to be Ted Baker. I can feel it. With all my strength will I try to keep it high street store or BooHoo but I know I will fail.

So I just wanted to share with you my cosy programmes and basically just get into a habit of being more consistent with my posts now that I have found a really lovely and reliable source of inspo. Guys, go onto YouTube and type in Zoella… just… thank me later. She also does these mega cool vlogs with her brother, Joe, who also has a channel and her boyfriend, Alfie. Who I think only has a gaming channel but still worth a watch.

I love you all for having patience with me and sticking around. I know there’s only a few of you but still – I love you.

All my love, always

M x


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