JosephJoseph Water Bottle

Hello, lovelies.

So I bought a JosephJoseph water tracking water bottle yesterday. My God am I excited.

Basically, I do not drink ANYWHERE near the amount of water I should drink. Health authorities say you should drink a minimum of 2 litres a day. Safe to say, I do not. More around 2 millilitres is standard for me. Slight over-exaggeration but you get the idea.

Buying this neat water tracking water bottle has made me feel so much more positive and confident about getting on the right track to drinking more around the amount I should. I’ve bought the 600ml bottle which is just over half a litre and basically, what it does is track the number of fill-ups you do with a dot system in the lid. Each time you fill up, a dot is tracked and so on and so forth.

The reason why I’m all of a sudden so keen on getting better at drinking water is because…

  • It does marvellous things to my skin – despite the doctors saying that it is a total myth that water clears skin, it does wonders to mine so… there.
  • It helps me feel more revitalised and able to concentrate more on things at hand.
  • It just, generically, makes me feel a lot better about myself.

I am currently taking a contraceptive pill for my skin as well as the obvious reason. It’s called Dianette and I can’t grumble – it really has done lovely things to my skin, especially when I first started taking it. It cleared it right up but every now and again I do have breakouts and they aren’t even around the time I’m due on and it just gets me down so much because of my already low self-esteem and the inability to wear the clothes that I’d love to wear and so on.

In November 2015, I had a tonsillectomy which involved having my tonsils removed. For 2 weeks I was living on water, soup, bread and butter… anything soft enough for the pain to be somewhat bearable when I swallowed. During this time, whether it was because of the amount of water I was drinking or the lack of sugary food I was eating – my skin cleared up so much! On my face, chest and back which are the 3 main areas I break out over. I was still taking my pill during those 2 weeks, I wasn’t due a week break to have my period or anything. Despite still taking that and also despite my diet being so lacked in sugar etc, I am convinced that the reason why my skin was so clear was because of the volume of water I was having per day. I probably could have had squash/juice but they say that the acid isn’t good for healing but then I heard somewhere that fizzy drinks (loads of acid in them) were good for naturally removing any scabs in the back of the throat during the healing process. I don’t know. I am so convinced that I had clear skin because of the water though.

I recently went to the doctors to talk about my sudden breakouts that I have been having sporadically recently and he prescribed a topical preparation to put on twice daily for a few weeks but it’s quite fast working so I’ve been doing it whenever I felt I needed to. He also printed me out an entire document about acne – in which stated that the lack of water and eating sugary foods are both complete myths about how the skin flares up. I honestly feel, personally, both are true in terms of my own skin issues. I find that a couple of days after I’ve really pigged-out with what I’ve eaten, I break out so much!

So I’m just going to go for this whole water tracking water bottle thing and see how it goes. If I do anymore blogs between now and say a month and a half time period, I will write a little skin-update on how my water intake is faring on my skin.

I just really feel as though I can get my skin back to how it was in those 2 weeks in November just over a year ago, even without watching my diet as well. I have a family wedding to go to on the 27th May which is the reason why I mentioned a month and a half time period earlier. Having clear skin by the date of the wedding is another reason why I’m doing this – the dress I’ve bought doesn’t show any of my chest or back but it would still be lovely to have nice, clear, healthy skin.

Between now and then I am really going to try my hardest to manage 4 dots (bottles) per day. Even whilst at work! Whilst I appreciate that everyone’s skin is different, if you have problems with your skin or know anyone that does and you know that your or their water intake is low then I urge you and whoever else to drink more. Honestly, it will at least be a step in the right direction. I also appreciate that not everyone likes the natural taste of water – I, myself, don’t rave about it but it’s so worth putting up with it in the long run.

All my love, always

M x


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