Drones. Help.

Hello, you beauts.

So! Skin update first of all…. Safe to say, I’m really pleased. I mean I haven’t managed 4 bottles a day yet which is my aim but I am really pleased with how my skin is looking. My make up removing routine (fragrance free baby wipes and cleanse with lukewarm water afterwards) has been the same since as long as I can remember so I know it’s definitely the water that’s kicking in and making me look more fresh and healthy. I am also still on my contraceptive pill which is another indicator that the water is doing its thing. I have actually left the bottle at my old work place by accident so I’ve just been trying to guesstimate how much I’m drinking by a regular glass. But I am getting my bottle back today so all is well.

Anyway, quickly speaking of work place – I am really enjoying Ted Baker. Love the people I work with, who I have met so far at least. The team is 23 people strong so there are still a fair few I’m yet to talk to! Been added to the work whatsapp group so that has given me the chance to talk to a fair few of them over messages. But all-in-all, really loving it. I had yesterday off and today too so quickly doing this blog now because I have a feeling that my next day off isn’t until the 25th (PAY DAY FROM MY LAST JOB). Pay is fortnightly at Ted Baker but I need to work a month before I see any pay packet due to me missing the cut off period for their last pay. Although I’m used to having to wait a month each time anyway so all is good. So actually in for quite a nice lump sum when I get it!

So the main purpose of this blog is that I have, yet again, been watching a few of Alfie Deyes’ vlogs and the things he gets up to with his drones are amazing. Trips to the beach at sunset to capture the sun going down, any family or boyfriend/girlfriend holidays he goes on with Zoella – he captures some footage from… just really awesome stuff. So I’ve decided I want to get my dad one for Christmas as he’s such a pain in the rear to buy for at Christmas. Always says he doesn’t know what he wants and it gets worse and worse each year. So thanks to Alfie, I now have some really good quality inspo. Also, my feature image is the closest picture of mine, that I took myself, to having something to do with in-the-air footage.  All except my ‘I Got Recognised’ and ‘My Little Triumph’ feature images, are all images I took myself to put in my blogs. Just thought I’d share that with you.

So anyway, I need you guys to help me decide which drone is best. I really like the ones on the RED 5 website. I’m not looking to spend any more than £120 as long as I can help it. They have some really good offers and I’m mega excited to get one. So my email is in 2 or 3 blogs before this one guys – drop me an email with links to which ones you think are good!!?

All my love, always

M x


P.S – A really good quote I heard yesterday; Blowing out someone else’s candle, won’t make yours shine any brighter. … Really liked it and can relate to it a lot. Being kind to people costs nothing guys. M x


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