Revolution & Sleek Make Up Products.

Hello darlings.

Hope you all have had a lovely week and are ready to start a fresh tomorrow!

First of all, as promised, I wrote in 2 blogs previous to this one that I would let you know about how my skin was doing in terms of the result of me drinking more water. So far, it is doing extremely well. The family wedding/holiday is fast approaching and I couldn’t be more confident and proud of how well I’ve managed to achieve exactly what I said I wanted to achieve!

Today, I thought I’d share with you all a more in-depth blog about the 2 brands of makeup that I not only reach for the most but am in love with the most. Revolution and Sleek.

So the 2 pictures above are of the only 2 Revolution products I own, currently at least! Needless to say I will be buying more of their products very very soon as it is fast approaching what I like to call a ‘make up month’ – basically where my pay-day involves me spending money to replenish my make up stash and to get some new additions as well. Will therefore be doing a drugstore haul blog as soon as I have finished shopping! Anyway, these 2 products at the moment are working wonders for me. On the left is my highlighter that I use for the corner of my eyes to create a look I like to call ‘angel eyes’. Angel eyes, for me, really make my eye colour pop! I’ll have a darker, complimentary shadow colour to my iris on the centre of my eyelids and then will blend into this almost holographic, pearlescent shade of white to the corner of my eyes. On the right is the ‘Iconic 2‘ pallette I would use for the centre of my eyelids. This pallette was also featured in my ‘A Few Little Bits and Pieces’ blog. I personally love shadow colours that have a shimmer, glitter and sparkle to them and with this pallette – all 3 boxes get ticked. My eye colour is a very pale hazel-y green and I have a grey halo around my iris so nude, beige, generally neutral sparkly colours really accentuate every aspect of my eyes. As I say, I will be buying a load more Revolution products soon but for the moment, they are the 2 that I am reaching to for the time being.

So I have actually saved the best until last – my Sleek range. Of course, I am in love with both the brands that I am writing about but Sleek just about makes it to first place out of the two of them. Reasons for this are that the packaging of the products that I currently only own is… just…I love it. So from left to right we have the 3, what I like to call, ‘related’ pallettes. I’ve used the word related because they are the same style but in different colours. Then I have my 12-shade ‘A New Day’  pallette. You’ll notice, again, that I have gone for the nude, neutral shades – this is purely because, as every girl does, during experimenting with different colours I found my complimentary shades to be nudes, browns, neutrals. So going back to my related pallettes – they come in a pale gold, a bronze and a darker, more brown bronze pallete. Pale gold is called Cleopatra’s Kiss, bronze is Solstice and the darker bronze is Precious Metals. The first one I bought was Precious Metals which was also featured in my ‘A Few Little Bits and Pieces’ blog. I did know that there were 3 to collect but at the time I figured I would try just the one and if I fell in love I could always go back to grab the next 2. Safe to say that I did fall in love and wish there were more. Perhaps a Silver and Rose Gold pallette – so then they have all the colours!?

Going from the dark pallette through to light, Precious Metals –  the shades from top left through to bottom right are Platinum, Royal Gold, Renaissance Gold and Antique Bronze. As you can see, I made a real b-line for the Platinum shade. This is where I would apply a light covering to the corner of my eye before applying the highlighter above from Revolution. Having this creamy Platinum base before putting the strobe highlighter on really made the colour pop more than it already did on its own.

I haven’t used much of either the paler coloured metal pallettes but the Solstice pallette features some gorgeous shimmery, sparkly shades; again going from top left to bottom right – Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar and Equinox. Hemisphere and Equinox are the most gorgeous, sparkly, shimmery pink and orange colours! I use these if I want a slightly more lighter, almost mermaid-like styled look to my eyes. Still leading and blending into my angel eyes look but using the lights rather than the darks of my Iconic 2 pallette. Also, in this pallette – like the Platinum in the Precious Metals, this one features a cream which is the Ecliptic shade.

Cleopatra’s Kiss – Sphinx, Delta, Dynasty and Goddess again all provide the same kinda vibe that I love to see in an eyeshadow pallette. The cream is the Delta shade. With this particular case, I find that it isn’t far away from being exactly the same as it’s Solstice sibling except the colours being postitioned differently. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong! Just a little observation.

Finally, my A New Day pallette – this features some shades that I kind of already have in my Iconic 2 but the positive way I look at this is that if I make a crater in one of the shades in one pallette and eventually lead on to running out – I have another similar, if not the same, colour to replace it with! Everyone’s a winner!

As I say, I am completely and utterly in love with all these products but Sleek for me takes the biscuit. As mentioned, with the drugstore haul that I will be doing in make up month, I will write another blog showing you all my replenishment products and all the new additions that I discover. I enjoy writing about make up products more than anything else and I know my previous posts where I’ve shared with you my different little bits and pieces of make up have been very warmly welcomed.

Thank you, as always, for reading my posts and be sure to give it a like and read some of my previous posts if you haven’t already.

All my love, always

M x


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