Not Really Much of a Haul…

Hi Lovelies.

So as I said I would, I did do a little beauty haul but there has to be a huge emphasis on the word little. I didn’t go as mad as I wanted to go purely because all the bits that I’ve seen online, were not in store. Fear not! I shall either get an email notification set up as to when they are in store or just order them.

So, what I managed to pick up was just a few replenishment bits and also a newbie!

It isn’t in the picture that I’ve taken for the top of this blog – I shall put one in below but I did have to buy a new bottle of foundation the other day before work. I went for a brand called Rimmel that I have used in the past although not for a long time as I’ve been in love with Collection. This shade is Ivory as I have quite fair skin. This is also a foundation that Zoella talks a lot about in her vlogs. It has amazing coverage and ideal for layering – some days I will only want to apply a thin layer to my face to give my skin a bit of a break but then other days, especially if I’m working, I will want my face to look completely flawless. This is an amazing foundation for

So going back to talking about the products I have in my feature image, from top to bottom – I bought concealer, highlighter, mascara, shower gel, dry shampoo and hair colour.

The concealer that I am absolutely in love with at the moment is by a brand called MUA. I go for the Natural shade as I don’t like my concealer to be visible on top of or underneath my foundation. This concealer has amazing coverage just like my foundation but more often than not, I feel as though I need one of those comfort days where you know you’re 100% covered wearing both a concealer and foundation that covers well. I can feel totally comfortable wearing this concealer by itself if I just want one of those days where I want my skin looking natural but to have a glow to it at the same time. Take today for example – I woke up with only a few blemishes but there were dark circles under my eyes. I put some of my concealer around the bottom of my eyes and over my nose, cheeks and chin and I was totally fine with going into town wearing just that.

So my highlighter. Another product by MUA – this is called the pearlescent sheen ‘Undress Your Skin’ highlighter and I cannot tell you how beautifully pigmented this product is. I apply it with quite a thick, short bristled bronzer brush, because I use one of my other brushes for my actual bronzer, and it just glides onto my face beautifully giving me a really lovely summery glitttery glow. Again, the mascara that I’ve picked up is also from MUA. Recently, I have been buying my mascara from Primark so I figured I should change back to an actual branded mascara. So I’m going to give this one a go!

The shower gel I picked up is from a brand that I have always loved for as long as I can remember. Dove. This ‘deeply nourishing’ shower gel has the most beautiful, comforting scent. I remember when I was little that my sister used to use this when she had her showers or baths and I used to walk into the bathroom after she’d been in there and it would just smell amazing. So since then, I’ve always told mum to get Dove shower gel because nearly all of them have the most amazing scents but this white and dark blue bottle is definitely my favourite.

Dry shampoo. The laziest of lazy cheats. Batiste is a brand that I have always loved since I first used it. It caters for all hair types including coloured. Although, they have recently bought out a 2in1 that has dry conditioner in it as well and I wasn’t impressed with that at all so I’ve left that bottle aside hardly touched and gone back to the good old shampoo by itself. I’ve bought the dark can because my hair is fairly dark and as you can see I have also bought hair colour.

Olia is a fairly new brand of hair colour and again, I’ve been in love with it ever since my first trial of it. Thankfully, I haven’t been allergic to any of the hair colour brands I have used on my hair to date. Olia like to use 60% oil with no ammonia in their colours which I love. I am now currently a very washed out red-y colour. Since my cousins wedding is fast approaching, I figured I’d do something about this and go back to my natural colour of brown and make my hair look ten times better!

So that’s it. I know it’s only a small haul but I promised I’d write about it so there you go.

All my love, always

M x


2 thoughts on “Not Really Much of a Haul…

    1. Apologies for the later response! Yeah! Honestly hun, give it a go! It’s amazing. I am normally completely in love with my Collection one but I forgot how much I loved this one the last time I used it, Has bought back a bunch of feel-good factors to my skin and how it looks when I’ve finished my make up routine. Try it out! XxX

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