Didn’t know that I could actually fall in love with an inanimate object….

Hi loves.

I mean I don’t necessarily have to write anything. My feature image speaks for itself, God love it. I’m going to though, don’t panic.

So. There I am, scrolling through my instagram on my lunch break at work and come across a post by @gemwrightbeauty. It’s her making all her loyal followers aware that this eyeshadow palette called The Dream Palette is back in stock. I’ve not thought twice about whipping my debit card out. £25 including postage and packaging. Thank you Miss Wright!!!!

So it comes a few days later and I can honestly say I was gobsmacked at how pigmented the swatches are. They’re only small but a little bit goes such a long way and that’s what I love the most. Means I’m not gonna have a breakdown anytime soon over the fact that I’ve already run out.

The post she advertised with showed a 5-section palette – when I got mine through the post it was a 4-section palette but with 5 swatches that I needed to actually place in myself. Very tricky business when glitter is going all over the place. But nonetheless, I’m still over the moon and I can place the fifth swatch in when one of the others runs out. No issue.

So…. feast your eyes on this my little angels!!


Each colour doesn’t have a name but I’m going to name it all bloody marvellous! Just look at the pigment! It’s so stunning. I have worn them but I can never do the palette justice and I also don’t take a very good picture of my eyes close up either.

I am a big lover of heavily shined, glittery colours and I thought Mac was my only port of call for good quality but this is a game changer. I am so excited and will definitely be buying more and more of Gemma Wright’s products.

Her online shop is called Hooked Up Shop. Honestly, ladies – you’d be a fool for not checking it out.


As always, thank you for being amazing.

All my love, forever

M x


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