My Holiday & Everyday Make Up Haul

Hello lovelies,

I haven’t done a beauty blog in a fair while so I thought I would do one about the little haul I did today.

I needed some make up for my everyday use but I thought I would also get some bits for when I go away to Austria soon.

The MUA concealer will always be my go-to concealer. It is thick and provides good coverage if I am having a slightly bad skin day.

The Collection foundation I have bought is my normal go-to foundation and it makes my skin look amazing but the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is the one I have chosen for holiday. It will be cold in Austria when I’m there so I want my skin to look bright and glowy. The Rimmel foundation is a lighter more gentle density on my skin.

The Collection powder that I have always provides a sheer look when applied over my foundation and is good for long-lasting finish.

The Collection bronzer that I always reach for provides good structure to my face when applied to my cheekbones and is always a little dark when I first apply it but throughout the day I find that it blends into my highlighter really well!

I didn’t need to buy a new highlighter in this haul but the one I still reach for is the MUA one that I wrote about in my previous haul blog. I’m still just as in love with the shimmer it gives my skin on application, as I was the first time I used it.

The small MUA eyeshadow pots that I’ve bought, at the time I thought were perfect for travelling! The fact that they are the size that they are means that you don’t need to take a large palette with you if all you’re going to be using is one or 2 colours. The colours in my feature image are a dark metallic grey and then a dark metallic bronze. These 2 will cater for my days on holiday where I’ll either be feeling a greyscale smokey eye or a bronzed smokey eye.

The mascara and eyeliner that I’ve bought are also both from MUA. I reached for this brand the most because, as I say, I have needed to fill a small cosmetic bag fit for travelling with make up just to last me for my holiday. Therefore didn’t want to go too over the top with cost. With MUA, you get really good quality for the little amount you pay.


Really hope you enjoy these blogs, guys.


All my love, always

M x




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