I Have No Words…

Hello Lovelies,

So I sat down and turned my laptop on just now to Blog and thought to myself how hard it was going to be to have to think of all the things that I have done between when I last blogged until now, well under the impression that it was only maybe just under a month. Oh no. Nearly 2 Months. So I am sorry.

The things that I have been up to is literally endless. So I  am just going to mention a couple of things.

To start with, on the 12th October, after a few weeks of being unemployed – I started a new job at a very nice hotel in the city I live in. My job there is mainly a Receptionist but I’ll help out in the restaurant and bar as well. The reason for me having to leave my old job is because I basically got forced to. Within work hours, I quickly did a private bit of work for a friend on a word document (literally just a character reference) – someone then suspected I was up to something, investigated my work laptop and discovered the character reference, I got pulled aside into the upper level of the building and got told that this was a massive abuse of trust and fraudulent use of the work equipment I had been given and got told to hand in my notice or accept being fired. I handed in my notice as the best option to save any foul play on my CV.

Anyway, I am completely in love with my job now and I honestly count what happened at my old job as a blessing in disguise. Thinking back, I could see myself trying and forcing myself to be happy when really I wasn’t and so what happened there is something I am now very grateful for, despite how awful and belittled I felt at the time.

Since starting this new job, and before I started it to be honest, me and the other half have been going from strength to strength. I am still a firm believer in absence makes the heart grow fonder and it is 100% the case with us. Since my last blog, I had to do what I thought was going to be a 6 week stint without seeing him. Little did I know he came home a few days early and I could spend the weekend before I thought I was seeing him with him as well! He rung me and told me he was only 5 minutes away from town so he came and had lunch with me and my parents.

He has been nothing but supportive of me right from the word go and we are so happy together. Both immensely excited for the winter holiday that we have coming up in a little under 3 weeks time now. He is jetting off to Austria with the Army again on the 19th of this month to go skiing and will return for just 2 days before we go there together – he is one lucky little so and so.

So all in all, I am one very content little bunny at the moment and long may it reign.

Something that I wanted to talk to you lovelies about is, again, this winter holiday. During the course of being away – I had thoughts of recording the make up I wear, the clothes I wear, the style and looks I’ll be going for throughout the week etc. I just wondered whether this would be something you would like to see from me and would want me to write about. I know some of you really enjoy my posts about beauty, cosmetics and fashion so that is why I have thought of it. I also plan to take a notebook with me as well so I can write a list of things that I can write about with each look.

Get involved and let me know what you think. If you want to follow me on Instagram then my name is maxinelouise20 and I also have an email address linked to my blog which is nowtheresathought20@gmail.com

Please don’t be afraid to let me know what you think and also tell me any more ideas you’d love me to write about.

As always, all my love

M x


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