About Me


So about me… I’m Maxine. I’m 19, I live in Kent with my 2 beautifully patient parents. I work near enough to full time, as my boss can allow me to on the budget she gets given each week, in the town I live in – Canterbury.

I not so long ago finished my A-Levels, D grade in Photography and a Double Distinction in BTEC Health and Social Care Level 3. Didn’t do that great with my GCSE’s so whenever anyone asks me, I just mention the 9 subjects I got a C grade in and then leave the rest quiet!

I am very passionate about doing things that make me happy and it was only a few days or so ago that I thought to myself that blogging would be one of them.

I will say this now, I am a very sentimental person and very passionate about my thoughts and feelings. I am a Pisces. Those 4 words should explain it all really.

As a typical teenager does, I’ve been through the heartbreaks and upset stages.¬†Way too many times if I’m perfectly honest but I have no doubt whatsoever that there’s a few more to come before I find the poor man who’s been waiting for me, stuck up a tree for god knows how long. Heard that phrase somewhere before and I liked it so boom, whacked it in.

Thank you for reading this. Hope you aren’t bored now.

All my love.

M x